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Urban League of Louisiana

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

The Urban League of Louisiana is an organization that helps African Americans and other communities who seek a community that values their monetary confidence, equality, and social liberties. They implement this mission in education and youth development, public policy and advocacy initiatives, and Workforce and economic development.

What is the Urban League of Louisiana

The Urban League of Louisiana has served for 80 years since 1938 and serves Greater New Orleans with a mission to help deprived communities. They expanded in the year 2016 starting in East Baton Rouge Parish and still planning to expand all over the state.

Even though the organization is serving for 80 years, they are still focusing on their goals for each community with the help of their programs that guarantee excellent education and ability to acquire information, entrepreneurial employment, the chance to economic inclusion, and allocated dignity under the law.

What programs do they provide?

Urban League of Louisiana has programs for communities that are available for youngsters and even adults. These are education and youth development, Workforce and economic development, policy, and social justice, and lastly, Urban League of Louisiana also offers jobs.

Becoming a member

To effectively address the community's problems and for the Urban League of Louisiana to help you become a member of their organization is the most effective way. When you are a member of their organization, you are automatically part of the movement, helping the underserved communities achieve their economic empowerment.

When you become a member of the organization, you can access their programs and services and get discounts for their product and upcoming events. By becoming a member, you will also be updated on the problems that African Americans are facing. You will also receive newsletters and publications that will address the concern of each community. Your membership will also support the programs that will have a positive impact on the wards.


Getting involved in this type of advocacy is essential, especially when you are a part of a community greatly affected by social discrimination.

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