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Throughout my career I have worked on and oversaw various projects. Below are some of the projects that I have worked on which have helped entrepreneurs and businesses develop successful growth structures. 

Online Study

Online Training Courses

Online training allows business to document and share current information throughout an organization. Having digital resources such as online training facilitates the successful business growth. Click the link below for some examples of online training programs.

Small Business VirtualTown Hall (SBVTH)

In response to the changes caused by the pandemic, and in partnership with the SCORE Mentoring program, I developed a Small Business Virtual Town Hall. This created regular communication with local business owners, where we shared updated information from resources such as the SBA and SCORE Mentors. Click link below to view SBVTH Video Archive.


Data Analytics

From tracking customer behavior to security threats, data can provide useful information to help make informed business decisions. However, the data must be organized and structured in a way that can be easily understood. Click the link below to see some examples of data analytics.

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