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About Jay Reed

My mission is to assist entrepreneurs in the development of a strong foundation for success and growth. This can be achieved through education and experience.


Over the years, I have accumulated the following experiences:


· Bachelors Degree in Marketing from the University of New Orleans

· Over 15 years in sales and marketing

· 14 years in business management

· 5 years in business development


Through years in the industry, I have provided various entrepreneurs with the appropriate tools to help them achieve their goals. I believe that there are important components to thriving in the industry.


Keys to being a successful entrepreneur


Knowledge and Understanding


Experience is the basic foundation for starting your own business. The knowledge that an entrepreneur gains through years in the field determines the power and direction to where a business can grow. A potential remains as is without a driving force, and the right understanding is the key to that.


Right resources


Efficient entrepreneurs are able to determine which resources are of top priority in their business model. From accumulating the appropriate assets to building the right connections, an entrepreneur must be prepared to place the right cards in any situation.


Once your business has built a solid foundation, it is essential to ensure sustainability to keep the gears running for years. This can be accomplished through continuous research and improvement beyond your primary goal.

Intuition and Calculated Risks

Wise entrepreneurs are able to follow trends. Businesses should be able to see opportunities in the market and flow with it. Along with this, it is vital to know when to take a leap and not. I believe in risk management principles that can act as safeguards for starting businesses, and especially growing businesses.


These are just some of the key characteristics of entrepreneurship. The possibilities in the industry are endless. It is my goal to arm entrepreneurs with the mindset for success through a partnership that is driven by experience and determination.

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