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Louisiana Economic Development

Updated: Apr 18

The economic development of Louisiana has been growing exponentially. Consequently, the need for a body to support businesses and organizations has been emphasized more than ever. With that, Louisiana Economic Development, a non-profit institution and reputed to be a reliable source for business development guidance, is dedicated to providing opportunities to the community, as well as expanding existing businesses.

Key Industries Backed by Louisiana Economic Development

As an institution that guides growing businesses, it covers a wide variety of industries.

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies can expect assistance with more favorable income tax and resources such as machines and many more.


Louisiana also has a growing aerospace industry, and LED has helped these companies with excellent incentives, and most of all, a skilled workforce.


It has provided a research-driven approach to improve agriculture and grow and its industry.


It gives incentives to new automotive businesses to kick-start growth.


LED helps the energy industry by providing resources for infrastructure, logistics, and a highly-skilled workforce.


The entertainment industry receives incentives for both digital and live media.

Process Industries

Process companies benefit from LED with assistance for workforce and resources.

Software Development

It has attracted many software development companies due to the excellent incentive offers.

Water Management

Due to the geography of Louisiana, it makes for an ideal place for water utility companies. Also, LED can provide companies with expertise in water management, making it even better for growth.

Incentive Programs

Louisiana Economic Development has many entrepreneurship and incentive programs available for almost every enterprise. It is useful for businesses that are scaling or relocating and even start-ups. There are many incentive programs to choose from, ranging from the lowest-end to corporate level funding.

International Commerce

LED is also available for enterprises based in other parts of the world. Moreover, each supported country has corresponding information regarding the application process.

Companies are eligible if based in the following countries:

Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

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