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SCORE Mentors New Orleans

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Entrepreneurship is slowly becoming widespread as time goes by. To start a business, one should take a look at all of the tools and resources available. One hidden gem in the entrepreneurship world is SCORE New Orleans, which is the perfect counseling network that helps improve and grow your personal and business goals. This association is a nonprofit organization that aims to teach entrepreneurship and the steps to successfully nurture a small business to people all over the world.


The best resource for an entrepreneur or business owner is a mentor. With SCORE New Orleans, you can connect with several professionals for confidential business advice for free. Furthermore, SCORE has around 13,000 volunteering mentors who have dedicated their time to helping entrepreneurs for over 40 years already. All of the volunteers range from business professionals to seasoned entrepreneurs and are available to people in all business stages. Whether you already have an existing business or just about to start one, SCORE’s mentors will be able to guide you with practical advice and valuable business principles.

Events and Workshops

Besides this, SCORE New Orleans also provides little to no cost workshops and events in person and online, where new and experienced entrepreneurs can learn plenty from these workshops. The topics discussed include basic marketing, financing and accounting tips, management strategies, and more. Talks feature several local experts and are the perfect setting to be introduced to other business owners and entrepreneurs in the area.

Tools and Resources

Finally, there are plenty of tools to help your business on the SCORE New Orleans’ homepage. Resources differ from guides and blogs to business templates and more. Also, there’s an entire library full of the latest business practices and strategies to help you stay informed within the field. The best thing about SCORE New Orleans is that you can use these tools to help grow and improve your business for free.

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