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4 Simple Tips to Help You Stay Organized at Work

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Oftentimes, clutter can distract us and make us unproductive, whether at home, school, or work. This is especially true when we’re drowning in a pool of paperwork and deadlines.

To be productive at work and excel in what you do, you need to have a conducive environment. And to achieve that, you need to keep everything organized, from your desk to your mailbox.

Tackling clutter and unproductiveness

While some people may be able to work faster with a messy desk, most people can’t unless their tables are spick and span.

Here are some organizing tips you can use.

1. Manage your emails, messages, and notifications first thing in the morning.

The moment you’re at your workplace, make sure you prioritize all your emails, messages, and notifications. An average employee in developed countries gets at least 100 emails a day. You can just imagine sifting through all that in the middle of the day when paperwork pile up. Doing so will also help make sure that you immediately get important messages sorted out as early as possible.

2. Keep a list of all to-do-tasks.

This will be especially helpful if you’re one who easily forgets. Use apps that help you organize your lists, tasks, and other important information. That way you won’t forget anything and do things haphazardly just because you’re now in a hurry to beat the deadline.

3. Make sure your workspace works for you.

You’ll spend at least eight hours in your office cubicle every day. It’s important that you keep it clean and organized so you can focus on your work and not the mess in front of you. Having a clean desk will also help you stay on top of your assignments, ensuring that you’ll do quality work all the time.

4. Master time management.

Set times and schedules for all your tasks according to priority. That way you won’t miss anything and run the risk of being reprimanded by your superior.

By ensuring that you’re being serious in staying organized, you’re sending a clear signal to your officemates that you respect their time and roles.

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