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Protecting your business against digital threats

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

You might think that small businesses are not likely the victims for cyber criminals, but, unfortunately, this is not the case. Twenty-two percent of it has been the victims of cyber-attacks, malware, hacking, and phishing, and about 11% of these happened in the previous year, as stated by the Better Business Bureau. Huge establishments are well-broadcasted by the news because of cyber-attacks. Simultaneously, the attacks against small businesses give inadequate attention.

Protecting your business from cyber-attacks is vital, but the reality is, some entrepreneurs aren't entirely sure how. Here's a guide to assist small business proprietors in exploring the world of cyber threats.

The Dangers Of Not Having Cyber Security

This cyber-attack dilemma places your finances, data, and IT equipment in danger. A hacker can do many damages if he/she has access to your network, namely, having a copy to the client's list, client and company's card and banking details, development plans, and many more.

Impacts on Small Businesses

A cyber-attack can affect the business in many ways:

  1. Web Security and Confidential Lawsuits. In case that the cyber robber steals information from your computer network, and the pieces of data belong to a different party (such as a client), that party may sue your business. For instance, a hacker steals data about a client's upcoming merger. The merger falls through due to data robbery. The client sues you for failure to protect its data, declaring that your carelessness caused the company to incur a financial loss.

  2. Low Profits. You may experience low profits. For instance, refusal of service attack forces you to close your company for two days—the two-day closure results in losing both profits and clients.

  3. Additional Charges: For the company to operate, additional charges may incur. For example, a hacker damages two devices, forcing you to rent two gadgets to keep your business working.

  4. Destroys Reputation. A cyber-attack can ruin your corporation's reputation. It prevents you from having more potential customers.

With you being an owner of a small business, it is your responsibility to protect your company, and you can secure your company by training your employees to cyber security training. It may cost you more, but it will help you in the long run with your company getting protected. Remember that quality is never cheap, so don't be afraid to spend that extra buck. Download the latest antivirus, and don't forget to update your software always. Backing up your files is also a must in case files get deleted or get compromised.

Knowing what NIST Cyber Security Framework is:

NIST abbreviation stands for the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the United States. This framework is voluntary, and it assists businesses of different sizes, understands, controls, and lessens their cyber security peril and guards their systems and data. It provides your business with a plan of better practices to support you choose where to sharpen your time and money for cyber security assurance.

The Uses of NIST Cyber Security Framework

The first function is to identify. It works as a basis for different activities. It demands businesses to distinguish each software solution and systems that perform a critical infrastructure task. This first function performs two significant roles: improving transparency toward the answers and prioritizing actions that defend essential systems first.

It also has a protective function that concentrates on decreasing the number concerning cyber security events that could happen inside your industry and restricting the result if one does transpire. While several firms may apprehend that they want to guard their data, they may not know what actions they should consider. Luckily, the Protect Function suggests some measures that will strengthen your data protection.

Despite your best shots, there's a possibility that a data protection crime can yet happen. It could be due to human mistake, a probable origin of cyber security situations or your business could be the victim of a highly well-bred hacker. Despite the case, the Detect Function plans to improve and achieve measures to guide you to identify a cyber security situation.

As significant to recognize cyber security events, you must answer them quickly and efficiently. The NIST Cyber Security framework's response function gives guidelines on establishing and executing processes to happen when a cyber security event occurred.

The terminal Function, Recover, includes the actions your firm should exert in network security affairs. As the business runs through this function, it will acquire and perform a system for flexibility and rehabilitation of any impaired policies or solutions by the input violation. The main objective of the Recover Function is to restore your company to regular operations, decreasing the amount of time and inputs that went to the cyber security circumstances. While an information infringement can be disappointing and vicious for a business, your services will go back to regular with a suitable compensation plan very soon.

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