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My name is Jeremy 'Jay' Reed and I am a business development consultant. My mission is to assist businesses in the development of a strong foundation for successful growth. This is achieved through process development and strategic planning.

A business consists of a combination of processes designed to produce, promote and deliver a product or service to an intended audience. The ultimate goal is to generate continuous, sustainable revenue, while achieving the company's vision. 

As your business grows managing these processes becomes complicated and time consuming. However, by using the right tools and resources you can organize your business to be efficient and effective. The outcome is a manageable business that is sustainable and easy to grow.

Through business analysis and strategic planning I am able to assist businesses in developing the processes and business structure that best suits their needs.

Geometric Architecture


Here is a collection of some of the projects that I have oversaw and completed.

Writing with Pen


Here is a collection of useful information and resources to assist in business development.

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